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With a vision to help empower the Human Resources Management sector in Saudi Arabia and abroad, Smiley Faces (SF) was founded in 2017. The company aims to improve HRM operations and outcomes through; targeted professional training and seminars, networking events organisation, design and optimisation of Professional Development Programs (PDP), continuing education, as well as workplace engagement strategies.  

Smiley Faces

Human Resources Management

The treatment of human resources as ambassadors of the organisation in workplaces and the wider community is the building block from which all Human Resource Management strategies at Smiley Faces are derived. It incorporates a strategic and comprehensive approach to leadership, workplace culture and employees engagement. We provide Human Resource Management services and strategies in areas, such as, Employee Relations, HRM policies, Talent Management, Employee Retention, Career Planning, Recruitment Processes, Networking Events and Professional Training.     

Professional Development Programs

A key aspect of employee satisfaction and subsequently improved performance is the prospect of personal development. At Smiley Faces, we tailor professional development programs to suit clients specific needs and objectives. Our range of strategies include; online seminars, professional training courses, flexible continuing education, events organisation, mentorship programs, and the design of productive appraisal programs. 

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