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Established in 2010 to address stakeholders’ personal property management needs, Shining Star has grown steadily to now manage and operate real estate holdings around the globe. Shining Star’s vision is to become a world-class enabler for global real estate investments through strategic acquisition and management. The company now provides services on an international level including; international portfolio management, advisory services, property management, building services, as well as sales and acquisition services.   

Shining Star

Advisory Services

With the right advisory and management partner, International property investment is an attractive opportunity. That is why Shining Star has taken it upon itself to become the 'enabler of choice' when it comes to global property investment. Our portfolio advisory services include; assessment of risk/return ratios, property valuations, legal services, mixed-asset portfolio strategies, market analysis and research, operational and profitability advice, as well as accounting and financial reporting services. 

Portfolio Management Services

To complement our advisory services and provide clients with complete global investment solutions, Shining Star provides sophisticated portfolio management services. Management services have been designed to take the hassle out of property management, while also keeping investors informed every step of the way through state-of-the-art management platforms. Shining Star services in this domain include; building services, tenancy management, technical services and maintenance, marketing and advertisement, refurbishment projects, and efficiency improvement strategies. 

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