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Redak Medical was founded with a vision for "better healthcare accessibility and outcomes through innovation in service delivery". Operating in a connectivity-enabled era, we sought to establish partnerships with leading global manufacturers to bring the latest medical technology to the Saudi market. Redak Medical now supplies innovative medical equipment, delivers specialised training, facilitates deployment and cloud reporting, as well as providing technical and maintenance support.​ Redak Medical aims to become a one stop destination for innovative healthcare products.

Redak Medical

Tele-diagnosis Devices

Tele-diagnosis is a form of telemedicine concerned with the collection of raw patient data (samples, vital signs, etc.) for diagnosis by central automated systems or for distant manual processing. Tele-diagnosis has only been made possible through innovative utilization of 21st century technologies in handheld medical equipment. The benefits of tele-diagnosis are diverse and include: reduction in risk of infection, cost savings, enhanced outcomes for chronic patients, increased accessibility to healthcare services, convenience, and better workplace productivity.

Medical Wearables

Wearable technology in healthcare includes electronic devices designed to collect data about the personal health of patients. Recent advancements in the wearables domain have produced devices with both analytical and reporting capabilities. A device can, for instance, collect vital signs of patient, analyze the data, prepare a medical report, and automatically transmit the report to the patient's physician. Nowadays, wearable medical devices play a crucial role in the management of chronic and elderly patients. The benefits of medical wearables include: better patient case management, enhanced emergency response, and personalised bio-feedback to improve lifestyle for better disease management.

Mobile Clinics

Redak Medical sources purpose-built mobile clinics; equipped with all state-of-the-art technologies and amenities for a functional healthcare service delivery. With the potential for customisations, we help clients design mobile clinics that suit their healthcare service provisions. Equipping a mobile clinic with tele-diagnosis systems is advantageous in many aspects. It expands the clinic diagnostic capabilities, streamline reporting and administrative duties, and provides public health benefits in terms of cancer screening and expert tele-consultation.

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