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With a vision to shape a better ecosystem and a greater prosperity for future generations, Proodos was founded in 2015. The company has since then become a single-source provider for PV and CSP Solar systems. The reduction of environmental footprint conventional energy production is at the forefront of our inspirations to provide renewable solutions. Our superior product quality and unparalleled customer service will see Proodos excel and lead the renewable energy market in every environment we operate in.

Proodos Solar

Systems and Applications

CSP Systems: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies utilise mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto receivers that collect solar energy and convert it into heat. The thermal (heat) energy can, in turn, be used to produce electricity via a turbine or a heat engine driving a generator. 

PV Systems: The main components of a Photovoltaic (PV) solar system are: PV panels, cabling, inverters, battery banks, charge controllers, and power switches. The utilised system components and their configuration determine the system classification: namely direct, off-grid, on-grid or hybrid systems.

Energy Storage Solutions

PROODOS enjoys a GCC-exclusive partnership with Riva Engineering (a German energy storage solutions entity); subsequently offering clients the opportunity to efficiently store excess energy more efficiently. The storage of up to 1.7 MWh (or multiple thereof) is made possible using contactless and modularly expandable technologies featuring smart control systems. The range of solutions includes:

  • POWER-CELL:  the building block of all Riva's systems; it can store 2-3 kWh at 95% cell efficiency.

  • POWER-PACK: stores 4-6 kWh of energy and is completely portable.  

  • POWER-RACK: utilises 12-20 POWER-CELLS and stores 12-20kWh of energy making it ideal for the entire household or business unit. 

  • POWER-M.RACK:  stores up to 1.7MWh of energy per container making it suitable for utility-scale distribution or to provide the power needs of an entire neighbourhood.  

  • POWER-CHARGE: located in major capital cities to provide pay-per-charge service for swappable cells.

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