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Attending to a market shortage in Islamic and Heritage Souvenirs in the Arabian Peninsula, baiTTee was founded in 2013. The company’s vision is to enhance tourists (especially pilgrims) experience and their memories of the Holy Masjids and Cities in Saudi Arabia. Building on its earlier successes, the brand has now expanded to include souvenirs with 'meaningful words' and pictures, as well as worldwide  presence and services.


Art and Graphics Design

Our design work takes a comprehensive approach. The team at baiTTee takes into consideration; selection of material(s), fonts, styles, colors, geometry, printing or manufacturing techniques, and above all the 'feel, memory and reflection' of every piece in order to produce a cohesive product. We tirelessly try to reflect our motto 'A Piece of Home in Every Product' in all of baiTTee products.

Research and Development

For the team at baiTTee, souvenirs are more than arts pieces or sculptures. They represent meaningful and memorable experiences. That's why our research and development team spend considerable time and efforts designing souvenir items that relate to real-life experiences. A question our research team frequently asks is 'will the souvenir take the person back in time to the places or experiences it reflects?'. As for the 'meaningfulness' aspects of product development, all baiTTee products have to pass rigours testing protocols to ensure they communicate a purposeful message.      

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